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  • Savage Gear 3D Hard Eel 25cm/109g Slow Sink	 Golden Ambulance
    Savage Gear 3D Hard Eel 25cm/109g S...

    The long tail, will make the lure rock enticing from side to side and leaving a great eely snaky tail after it. When the tail is screwed on tail down – the “up force” on the tail part – will push the head of the lure down – so it runs under the surface in more or less the same depth all the way in – Turn the tail Up, and “down force” on the tail – will force the head up – so th...

  • Savage Gear Real Eel Loose Body 3D SG LB 40cm 147g + 7g
    Savage Gear Real Eel Loose Body 3D ...

    The spitting image 3D Real Eel is designed to swim with a big, lively curl tail kicking action – both on steady retrieve and on the drop – where they produce the perfect escape pattern, tricking even the most wary predator fish to attack. Field testing results have been phenomenal and these easily fished lures will amaze you!