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Pike and Predator

  • golden amber
    Savage Gear 3D Burbot 435g 50cm

    Big Pike and Musky LOVE Burbot ! A Superb realistic burbot imitation that can be fished trolling or casting! 3D Scanned details and incredible swimming action will fool even the most vary predator fish to go for the kill! The detailed pectorial side fins move with erratic motion, and the tail eels super enticing at the same time – just like a burbot swimming suspended midwater, even the s...

  • Savage Gear Hybrid Pike 3D Scan 17cm 45g #1 Hook
    Savage Gear Hybrid Pike 3D Scan 17c...

    A super realistic Baby Pike imitation loaded with innovative features! Unparalleled 3D Scanned details will fool even the most vary predator fish and ensure you brutal attacks. The Paddle tail will give the lure an incredible lively and rocking action with a clicking rattle chamber driving the predator fish crazy!

    The Curl tail can be fished ultra-slow, leaving the front part of t...

  • Savage Gear P-Spinner Extreme Propulsion #5 18g
    Savage Gear P-Spinner Extreme Propu...

    The P- Spinner, P for Pike – Immediate rotation from the single large blade, gives a big flashing pulsation from the flashing skirt. The Silicone tails, provides a perfect provoking tailing action! These spinner will run high in the water and can be fished shallow over weed tops and reefs – superb for big Pike!