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  1. Albainox Magnesium Fire Starter
    Albainox Magnesium Fire Starter
    Firestarter developed to make fire in adverser situation, (after getting wet, in a storm and bellow freezing point ...Details
  2. UST Aluminium Carabiner - Black
    UST Aluminium Carabiner - Black
    The Aluminum Carabiner is the perfect tool when a lightweight, temporary attachment is needed....Details
  3. UST Aluminium Double Carabiner - Black
    UST Aluminium Double Carabiner - Black
    The Dual Carabiner 0.5 is a great tool when multiple, temporary attachments are needed....Details
  4. UST Dual Carabiner 1.0
    UST Dual Carabiner 1.0
    The Dual Carabiner 1.0 is a great tool when multiple, temporary attachments are needed....Details
  5. UST Folding Map Compass
    UST Folding Map Compass
    The UST Folding Map Compass features a durable, clear baseplate with a folding cover with an integrated sighting mirror. The liquid-filled compass has a swivel bezel for easy map reading, plus inch, metric, and 1:25,000 scales for precise route planning. Other features include a slope indicator, adjustable declination (with included screwdriver), and an attached breakaway lanyard. Great for hiking...Details
  6. UST Hex Tarp 1.0
    UST Hex Tarp 1.0
    The versatile, ultra-lightweight UST Hex Tarp can be used as a hammock cover, sleeping shelter, an all-weather tarp to protect gear, a ground cloth, and even as thermal protection in emergencies. The six-sided Hex design provides excellent coverage in all weather conditions, and its single person size eliminates the need for a full size tarp. It’s great for using as a tent cover for camping ...Details
  7. UST JetScream Floating Whistle, Orange
    UST JetScream Floating Whistle, Orange
    Made of durable ABS plastic, the pea-less and powerful UST JetScream Floating Whistle is an ideal wilderness signaling device with an ear-piercing 122 decibel (dB) shriek — making it one of the loudest of its kind. It can easily be heard over most natural and man-made noises. Compact, flat, and buoyant, the JetScream’s pea-less construction won’t freeze, clog or rust and is just ...Details
  8. UST No-See-Um Headnet
    UST No-See-Um Headnet
    Wearable over a variety of hats, the lightweight, durable UST No-See-Um Head Net keeps your head cool while keeping flying, crawling, and biting insects away. Constructed of 100 percent nylon no-see-um material, it also makes a great transportation bag for lightweight gear. It features a comfortable, tapered neck with an elastic bottom for a secure fit. Apply bug repellant (sold separately) direc...Details
  9. UST Sparkie (Fire Starter)
    UST Sparkie (Fire Starter)
    An innovative, patented flint-based fire starter that can be operated with one hand, the UST Sparkie Fire Starter generates an intense amount of sparks with minimal effort, even in adverse weather conditions. Designed for precision, the Sparkie can directionally target its sparks, and it can generate sparks three times hotter than a normal match. The Sparkie’s ultra-lightweight, durable plas...Details
  10. UST Sparklite Glo
    UST Sparklite Glo
    Every outdoor adventurer should carry with them a dependable fire starter. The SparkLite GLO is easy to use and great for campers, hikers, and survival situations. The durable, plastic handle glows in the dark which makes it easy to locate from dusk till dawn....Details
  11. UST Sparkmax 1.0
    UST Sparkmax 1.0
    Create hot sparks for lighting fires in even the most adverse weather conditions with the UST SparkMax 1.0 multi-tool, which includes a ferro flint rod, striker bar built into the screw off cap, a serrated edge to scrape tinder shavings, and a liquid-filled compass for accurate navigation readings. A great tool for camping, backpacking, hunting, and emergency preparedness, the SparkMax also has a ...Details
  12. UST StarFlash Floating Signal Mirror
    UST StarFlash Floating Signal Mirror
    A classic tool for camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness, the lightweight UST StarFlash Floating Signal Mirror has a built-in precision aiming system for accurate signaling, and it won’t sink if dropped in water. In addition to using it for emergency signaling, it’s handy for personal grooming as well. The virtually unbreakable Floating Mirror also features a lanyard hole fo...Details
  13. UST Ultimate Survival All Weather Tarp, Orange - 20-5010-01
    UST Ultimate Survival All Weather Tarp, Orange - 20-5010-01
    In any survival situation, finding or building shelter should be top priority. Creating shelter greatly increases your chances of survival by protecting you from extreme temperatures or nasty weather conditions that could lead to heat stroke, dehydration, or hypothermia. Designed to accommodate a single-person, the All-Weather Tarp eliminates the need for a full size tarp. Reverse the tarp for a r...Details
  14. UST Watertight Case 2.0
    UST Watertight Case 2.0
    This watertight case  from UST is ideal for keeping your valuables safe. The 1.0 size measures 4.75" x 3.6" x 1.5" and the 2.0 size measures 4.75" x 3.6" x 1.5" and is made from translucent orange shatterproof, polycarbonate construction....Details
  15. UST Watertight Survival Kit 1.0
    UST Watertight Survival Kit 1.0
    The lightweight UST Watertight Survival Kit 1.0 survival kit includes an assortment of essential supplies, include a light stick, button compass, survival blanket and towel, and a water-resistant case. Keep this kit at home, in the car, on your boat, or in your pack so you will always be prepared. The compact Survival Reflect Blanket can be used for heat deflection, body heat insulation, as a rain...Details
  16. UST Waypoint Compass
    UST Waypoint Compass
    Keep yourself on track with the handy UST Waypoint Compass, featuring a durable, clear baseplate with a high-quality, liquid-filled compass and adjustable marching line. It has a magnifier for easy map reading and multiple measuring scales for precise route planning (inch, metric, and 1:25,000 scales). Measuring 3 x 2.3 x 0.25 inches and weighing 0.8 ounces, it’s backed by a two-year manufac...Details